Even if your soldier is fortunate enough to be in an FOB like Liberty or Victory, the PX's are seldom fully stocked, and the inventory evidently changes often. When our sons were deployed, they were constantly wanting new games, dvd's, snack food, their favorite toiletries and razors, sheets, and 'stuff from home'.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


60% off Coats for the entire Family 1-Day Only Veterans Day 11/11

For years Sears has led the way in corporate support of our Veterans and Military Families through innovating and award-winning programs.  Through its Heros at Home project, Sears offers pay differential and benefits continuation up to 60 months, an incredible Army Spouse Employment Partnership, and grants to the National Military Family Association.  These are, however, just the tip of the iceberg of programs and benefits Sears offers to our military personnel and veterans. 

Added to Sears' business model of constant sales and promotional codes on name-brand merchandise enables all of us to support one of America's Oldest Companies in return.

Once again, Sears is running their Heros at Home Wish Registry, Heros at Home Wish Registry which allows anyone to leave a Holiday Message to our soldiers, and to donate a gift card to our military families.  I love Christmastime, and that helps make this one of my favorite Military Programs.

Whether you're buying for your soldier, children, parents, or yourself, please consider buying from an American company that has proven its salt in honoring our Military Heros and Families!

$10 in coupons just for signing up for Sears email promotions (scroll down to the bottom of the page and this link is in the left-hand sidebar)

60% off Coats for the entire Family 1-Day Only Veterans Day 11/11

$5 off $50

FREE SHIPPING on Toy Orders Over $49.00!

Need Gift Ideas? Visit Sears'DEALS OF THE DAY!

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