Even if your soldier is fortunate enough to be in an FOB like Liberty or Victory, the PX's are seldom fully stocked, and the inventory evidently changes often. When our sons were deployed, they were constantly wanting new games, dvd's, snack food, their favorite toiletries and razors, sheets, and 'stuff from home'.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just $2.00 for a Cup of Coffee For A Soldier...

Any military family who has listened with half an ear to a returning soldier knows about Green Beans Coffee!

PLEASE join their "Cup O' Joe For A Joe". It's $2.00 a cup -- and if you can only afford one cup, that's great! They're Proud and Thankful for all $2.00 donations!

These young men and women are so thankful for that hot cup of coffee -- I know, as I've listened to both our sons talk about it!

To Donate, Go To: Green Beans Coffee Company's Cup O' Joe For A Joe.

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