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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Having lived too many winters in NW Arkansas and seeing the schools out for over a month, I've learned a few things. NO.1: You never know when or where a water line will break! Even though you leave your faucets dripping, the city's lines can have a break anywhere! FILL UP YOUR BATH TUB NOW for flushing toilets and emergencies!

NO.2: KEEP your stove ashes in a covered bucket -- get an extra 5 gal paint bucket for salvaging those ashes -- they are great for getting your vehicle out of a slick spot, for the sidewalks and driveway -- without the salt damage.

NO.3: PACK AS MUCH ICE & FROZEN FOOD as possible into your freezer and DO NOT OPEN IT! If our power stays out too long, the temps will be conducive to packing perishables into a big tote or cooler and setting it on the deck.

NO.4: MAKE YOUR COFFEE NOW and put it in thermoses and airpots. It will stay fresh because it's sealed, and is easily heated on sterno burners, wood stoves, etc.

NO.5: When the power does go out, unplug the televisions, computers, coffee makers so that the power surges don't knock them out when the power comes back on.

Everyone stay safe -- We Love You All!!!

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